Guides and Instructors

Zaza Chitrekashvili

Profession – Bereitor

The Former Sportsman

Tours around Kiketi

languages – Georgian, Russian, English a little



Giorgi Aptsiauri

Profession – Veterinarian

The Former Sportsman

Tours – Gardabani National Park

Languages – Georgian, Russian, English

Tatia Gvetadze

Kote Afciauri

Tite Medzmariashvili

Rati Eradze

Giorgi Margvelashvili

Ex President Of Georgia


Vladimir Voshakin

Coach in horse jumping discipline

Vera Voshakina


Ia Tabagari

Ia Tabagari is the main person behind the idea. Her long list of credentials, experience, creativity as a leader, and entrepreneurial personality brings wonderful people together, unites their goals, overcomes challenges with fun, and brings ideas to fruition.

Ia Tabagari is, by training, an ethnologist and an expert in sustainable tourism development in rural communities. She is also a blogger, a traveler, and an adventurer. Ia’s outgoing and innovative character, compassion, and intimate knowledge of the land lead her to create beautiful spaces for horses and humans, not to mention a dedicated film and documentary producer.

Giga Kharkhelauri

Giga Kharkhelauri is the most experienced leader, guide, and instructor on our team. Giga grew up riding horses in one of the mountainous regions of Georgia, in the “world of horses.” He connected his profession, lifestyle, and business with equestrian activities. Giga is always thinking about the development of horseback-riding tourism. He has organized a number of mountain-riding tours, beginning with training the horses and getting them ready for the trip, which includes getting the animals to the destination. He is an irreplaceable team member and creates exciting experiences and long-lasting memories.

Nick Bichinashvili

Nick Bichinashvili is the most cheerful and humorous guide in the equestrian community. You will never be bored with him, although his sense of humor does not hinder him from being serious and attentive to his clients when planning horseback riding tours. Nick’s sharing of experience and the speed of harnessing a horse are integral parts of his character. A key aspect of Nick’s personality is how quickly he can harness a horse and share his experience. Almost nothing is difficult for Nick: setting up camp in the valley and pitching a tent; changing the route due to bad weather; having a special attitude toward kids and watching out for them during the horseback riding trip;

Elene Modebadze

Elene Modebadze is a girl guide. She has merged her passion for horses with her work as a guide and shares her knowledge with students in her “second career.” Elene enjoys traveling, taking pictures, and mingling with people besides horses. She has a unique perspective and talent for capturing breathtaking photography of beautiful surroundings with kids, horses, and elderly people. Through her pictures of nature and various facets of life, the viewer is taken into the diversified world of the characters. Elene on horseback is incredibly attentive to her clients and also enjoys discussing world literature and poetry.


Nitsa Bur, a female musician and tour guide, is one of a select group of individuals whose career paths exhibit total radicalism. Following horseback riding trips was a hobby for Nitsa, but it turned into a true passion for exploring the mountainous regions, Kakheti lowlands, and semi-desert landscapes.

Muhmad Mutoshvili

Muhmad Mutoshvili is a resident of Pankisi, a young man who grew up surrounded by horses and who chose the profession of a guide from an early age. He provides incredible care and attention to the guest riders at all phases of organizing horseback riding trips. Besides the beautiful country he comes from, Muhmad has explored the mountainous regions of Georgia and is treated with special respect everywhere he goes.

Katie Babulaidze

Katie Babulaidze is a native of the region, where horseback riding is a beloved family custom. Since she was a little child, Katie has enjoyed riding horses, going to Tusheti’s traditional horse races, and even working with her family to raise and train horses. Katie is the most experienced female mountain tour guide in the industry. She is delightfully aloof, humble, and responsible. After all, she comes from Tusheti, Georgia’s most romantic region, where history, modernity, the beauty of the natural world, and people coexist together.