Horse Tours

he idea to build an equestrian tourism network that would connect equine tours across Georgia came to us in September 2021 while traveling the 1,000-kilometer Transcaucasian route, which involved crossing Georgia’s Caucasus from the far east to the far west. Once the route was finished, we established horsetours.ge and actively began collaborating with horse ranches and guides. After two months of conceptualizing, we launched the test version and included all the horseback riding tours that complied with relevant standards throughout time.
Along with our company’s primary objective, which entails digitizing all conceivable equine tours across Georgia and promoting Georgia as a destination for equestrian tourism in the region, we set duties that need to assist us in achieving the key aim. Seasonality was the first problem we had to deal with. Today, you can find horseback riding trips on our website that are adjusted for any season of the year, which is quite comfortable for horseback riding enthusiasts.
The introduction of contemporary technologies, digitization, and e-commerce is one of the numerous difficulties facing equestrian tourism. Furthermore, our platform accomplishes this goal by increasing accessibility for a larger audience by embracing e-commerce and digitalization. Ranches and horseback riding guides can put their products and services on the site for no charge in order to generate extra revenue, and we’ll conduct marketing campaigns and give them ongoing access to potential clients.

We provide users with simple functionality, a quick booking process, multiple payment options, including installment and cryptocurrency purchases, a wide range of horseback riding tours, high-quality service, and secure travel.
Our team combines all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and experience, which ensures the successful operation of the platform. The team is made up of experts in e-commerce, tourism, and equestrian tourism who actively work on product development every day.
Our company is distinguished by its direct focus on equestrian tourism. We have only one direction, idea, and goal, which we are constantly developing, and we believe that travel is better with a horse.