What is the Show Jumping Competition - CSO?

Show jumping consists of completing a course of obstacles flawlessly, i.e. within the allotted time, without overturning bars or refusing or evading an obstacle. The tests are intended to demonstrate in the pony/horse its frankness, its power, its address, its speed and its respect for the obstacle and in the competitor, the quality of its riding.

Show jumping is the leading discipline in France. It represents more than 80% of competition activity, both in terms of competitors, events and competitive entries.

It has the advantage of being an easy-to-understand discipline. The novice sees if the bar falls or not and the timer tells who is going the fastest on the lap. Even if subtleties of judgment are sometimes encountered, the verdict of the bars and the timer is accepted by all.

It is a discipline that requires a lot of technique and agility to resolve the difficulties of a course. The type of obstacle, the distances, the angles, the turns are varied and it is up to the rider to adapt according to each obstacle by modifying the speed, amplitude, impulse, trajectory of his horse to complete their course faster than the other competitors.